FAQ 8 Week "Brand New Body Challenge"

                   FAQ for BRAND NEW BODY CHALLENGE


  1) I purchased my program. How do I obtain it?

You can download your program directly from the link on the “Thank you for your purchase” page. You will also have this link sent to your email. If the link is nor working for you please contact billing@indiapaulino.com and we will send it manually.

2) I am new to fitness, is this program very intense? 

This program is good for beginners and veterans. You control the intensity. Beginners - Perform 3 sets and lower repetitions and weights if needed.

For more intensity- Increase sets to 5, move at a faster pace and take shorter breaks if you are able to. Regardless of your fitness level, please make sure to listen to your body and exercise safely. 

3) I am unable to start on Feb 12th, 2018 which is when India began her getting back in shape journey. I understand many people are using this program to get back in shape with India and have the same start date. Can I begin at a later date? 

Absolutely, You can begin this program in 6 months if you wish to. Keep up with India's Stories if you can the next 8 weeks for tips and new exercise ideas.  

4) The measurements for the food seem like a lot. Do I have to follow this exactly?

 No, the meal plan on the program is just an example. The macronutrients are a guide to follow. If you have a food allergy, sensitivity or simply don’t like a food please change as you wish . You can also break up the veggies and carbs into smaller portions but consume the higher portions pre and post workout. No carbs for last meal.

 What is important is that you stay within your macro range and are eating the same amount of meals per day.

  •  Protein choices: Lean ground turkey, turkey breast, chicken breast, white fish, egg whites, protein powder if using protein powder, limit to 2 per day.

 For salmon you may substitute with lean steak or ground beef.

  •  Fats: whole egg, avocado, nuts, nut butter, coconut oil
  •  Carbs: sweet potato, white potato, brown rice, white rice, oatmeal

5) I was consuming fewer calories than the macronutrients suggest for my height. Which should I follow?

 The macros suggestions are simply a guideline, everyone is different.  Training 5 times a week and doing cardio daily (while on a low calorie diet) long term, can potentially have a negative impact on your metabolism and hinder weight loss . If you would like a customized meal plan tailored completely to for this program you please email billing@indiapaulino.com

6) How far apart should I space out my meals?

2- 4 hours depending on how long your day is. If you have really long days and need another meal have 1 scoop of Bpi Best Protein.  

Purchase here:  http://bit.ly/IndiaBPI

7) I don’t always have access to a gym, can I perform these workouts at home?

Yes, with dumbbells and resistance bands you can substitute the exercises on the program. Check out the substitution video with the link below.


8) I do not have access to a Stairmaster or cardio equipment what do I do?

 Use other cardio equipment or even do cardio outside. Make sure to implement intervals on the HIIT days. Examples:

  • Run up and down stairs in a stairwell or stadium for suggested times on plan
  • Sprints
  • Fast walk or jog and add in push ups, jump squats, burpees etc every few minutes to increase heart rate.

 9)  I want a more customized and interactive program do you offer this?

Yes, Check out the coaching programs we have listed under coaching programs. All of these are customized to you completely and include unlimited emails and weekly check in’s.

10) Will you be doing more Instagram LIVE Q&A's? 

Yes, I will announce each Sunday when I will be LIVE that week and I will post the session on Facebook for 24 hours after. 

11) What supplements do you recommend for this program?

I trust BPI Sports Supplements because the Chromadex seal ensures that what you see on the label is what is in the bottle. My product recommendations for better performance and results are below: 

  • Best Protein
  • Best BCAA
  • CLA/Carnitine
  • Green Tea/ Beet Root/ MCT's

 Discount code below

12) Can I take these the recommended supplement stack while breastfeeding? 

The products listed above have no stimulants except for a very small amount in the green tea product. I personally take these products and am breastfeeding although not exclusively. As always though, I will suggest speaking to your health care provider first. 

13) Where can I purchase the BpiSports supplements with a discount? 

Click this link:  http://bit.ly/IndiaBPI   and use discount code: INDIA  



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    Just bought the program is there a YouTube video outlining the exercises. Some of them I am not sure how to do.

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