Total body workout, post fitness Comp!

Leading up to a fitness competition your body can feel fatigued. After back-to-back shows your body will definitely feel it. The week before a competition or “peak” week you don’t want to do any extreme training. The work is already done so don’t go nuts, you just want to touch up major muscle groups, get some blood flow and keep everything tight and full. It is not the time to try to put on muscle or anything like that.

The week after a fitness competition, I do not recommend going full blown savage mode in the gym if you have not been training with that intensity for a couple of weeks. Depending on how you prepped, take into account that your body may be a bit depleted and training that way can potentially lead to injury. Vice versa, if you ate a little too much after a show and find yourself retaining a lot of water, remember as much as you want to get it off, it is not a good idea to train super hard right away. Allow your body to rest and heal a bit before you get back into your norm.

I just finished competing at the Arnold Classic, OH, then flew 13 hours to Honolulu Hawaii, 14 hours to Arnold Classic in Australia and then 22 hours back home to FL all within 3 weeks. I trained with moderate weights, and moderate intensity the week leading up to the first show and in between the other competitions. My personal goal was to get a good workout in but not fatigue my muscles.

Now that I have allowed my body to rest a bit, I completed a total body workout to ease me back into my normal intensity and training split. I do this after every show. The keep the intensity low to moderate for this workout and the following day I return to my savage mode.

Give it a try!

Total Body Workout 2-3 sets of 15-20 repetitions

Wide Grip Pull downs Close grip Cable rows Side lateral raises Reversed Grip alternating front dumbbell raise Overhead dumbbell tricep extension Rope pull downs

Leg extensions Superset Scissor lunge jumps / switch lunge

Barbell Stiff legs Superset Glute blaster

Seated Clave raises Superset Alternating tip toe jumps

Check out my “Total Body Workout ” video below

Blessings! Love, India!

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