Who can be a part of Team STORM?

Any woman 18 years or older looking to improve her physique or compete in an NPC or IFBB Bikini competition is welcome.

I have never competed before, I’m nervous about the unknown, will I be guided through the process?

Absolutely, I do not want you going into a show without knowing what to expect or without being prepared. You will be guided so that you are familiar with the process and are as comfortable as possible going into your show.

Are there payment options for Team STORM competition programs?

Payment plans are available for all Team STORM training programs.

May I join Team STORM even through I do not wish to compete?

Of course, you can join! You don’t have to be a competitor to join my Team. Whether you have an exciting photo shoot coming up, a wedding dress to fit into, vacation to look good for or simply just want to get into the best shape of your life, these programs will get you there.

Does Team STORM offer more than online physical training?

Yes, Team STORM offers more than online training.

  • The mind is key in accomplishing the goals that we set for ourselves. Team STORM offers coaching sessions to assist with any obstacles that you may be experiencing in life or during your competition prep.

Examples: lack of confidence, self-love, worthiness, food issues, self sabotage, motivation, relationship issues and more. Check out my 6 week coaching program “Prepare to Succeed”.

Bikini Competition posing sessions are also available via Skype or in person.

Do I have to be a part of Team STORM for a personal development-coaching program?

No, any person willing to put in the work to become a better version of themselves is welcome.